Concord Parks


“With a focus on the children of the Concord community and the overall appearance of our village center, we join together to explore Folsom Common renovation options including playground equipment, fencing, landscaping, and artistic considerations.” — Folsom Common Renovation Committee       

The community celebrated the completion of the Folsom Common Project on Saturday, June 23rd with approximately 50 people in attendance.  Members of both the Patridge and Sorrell families attended to recognize installed benches created in memory of Sidney Patridge and Roger “Butch” Sorrell. Both families donated to the project. As stated by a community member, “It is wonderful to have a park in Concord that children and families can enjoy and the community can be proud of for years to come.”


Public meetings to plan for the Folsom Common renovation started in June of 2017. Community members who stepped forward to assist with the planning included:

Julie Donohue, Principal Concord School
George Morehouse, Chairperson of the Selectboard
Cynthia Gaboriault, Town Clerk
Cynthia Stuart, Chairperson Zoning & Planning Board
Judy Kurtz, Member Zoning & Planning Board
Joshua & Jill Abetti, Pastor & Wife Concord Community Church
Ryan Chase, Community Member