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Dear Solid Waste Haulers and Solid Waste Facilities,

This is a reminder that on July 1, 2020, Vermont state law:

  • bans disposal of food scraps in the trash or landfills,
  • requires trash haulers to offer food scrap collection services to non-residential customers and apartments with 4 units or more, unless another hauler is willing to provide that service. Food scrap collection is also currently required by law for bag drop haulers.

For more detail read the Food Scrap Ban Guidance document.

HAULER INFO: According to Vermont state law, commercial haulers are not required to offer collection of food scraps if another hauler provides collection services in the same area and has capacity to provide services to all customers. More than 20 haulers offer food scrap collection.

Commercial haulers can visit VTrecycles.com for a list of food scrap haulers and the areas they serve.

Commercial haulers that want confirmation that another hauler will offer food scrap collection to customers in their area may contact the Vermont ANR Solid Waste Program.

For information on how to haul food wastefood scrap separation signage for customers, and downloadable food scrap symbols, visit VTrecycles.com or contact the ANR Solid Waste Program via email or at 802-828-1138.

RESIDENTIAL CUSTOMER INFO: Residents are separating their food scraps into buckets or bins and either using local food waste drop-offs (like transfer stations), curbside food scrap haulers, or composting in their backyards.  Vermont state law allows residents who compost in their backyards to dispose of meat and bones in the trash even after July 1, 2020.

BUSINESSES CUSTOMER INFO: Many businesses are donating edible food to food shelves and separating food waste into collection carts or dumpsters that food scrap haulers pick up and bring to composting facilities, farms, and digesters. Vermont state law allows businesses/institutions, with established food waste separation programs that include regular staff training, to dispose of an insignificant amount of food waste.

ANR’s Let’s Scrap Food Waste campaign ads are running to inform the public about this law change.

If you or your customers have questions or would like assistance please contact the ANR Solid Waste Program via email or at 802-828-1138 or contact your local solid waste management entity at 802recycles.com.

For information on the plastic bag ban and that also goes into effect on July 1st, click here for ANR’s Single Use Products law webpage.  This law is not a landfill disposal ban on plastic bags, straws, or expanded polystyrene. It prohibits stores and food service establishments from providing these items to customers.

Lastly, for solid waste haulers and managers looking for cloth face coverings, the Solid Waste Association of North America is collecting orders for free face coverings. Order here: https://swana.org/initiatives/free-cloth-face-coverings.

Thank you for recycling and reducing waste.

Josh Kelly,   Materials Management Section Chief

Vermont Agency of Natural Resources

DEC, Solid Waste Program  www.vtrecycles.com

1 National Life Drive, Davis 1, Montpelier, VT 05602

(802) 522-5897


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