NEK Gravel Rides Project

Thank you for visiting the Northeast Kingdom Gravel Rides Project website! Our vision is to assess and promote a series of curated routes targeted to gravel riders looking to discover the beauty of the Northeast Kingdom landscape and experience the heritage and values of the communities of Burke, Concord, Kirby and Victory. We are looking for more information about where people love to ride and why. Where are the best views, the best ice cream shops and the best places to stay? How about cool historical sites or general stores with Vermont treats? Where are public places to park near town centers?

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The map above shows the data we have collected so far. You can turn layers on and off using the legend (click the arrows in the upper left of the map) or you can view a larger map by clicking the link above. If you would like to submit new points for us, please use the form below. Points will be updated on Fridays. If you have any questions or comments, would like to test rides or be more involved, or would like to report areas where people shouldn’t ride, such as dangerous corners or intersections, you can use the form for that as well. Thank you for your input!


For more information about the Northeast Kingdom Gravel Rides Project, scroll to the bottom of the page.

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