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How Concord Got Its Name

In the very early days of the settling of the town in the area now known as Concord Corners, a group of settlers gathered for the purpose of selecting a lasting name for their town.  Understandably, many of those present wanted their own surname perpetuated by naming the town after themselves.
Names such as Maybury, Cuttingsville, Fryeburg, Hillton, Amesbury and Gravestown were suggested for consideration.  After many hours of heated discussion, and getting nowhere, one man who had been doing much thinking and little talking, spoke up and said, “Since there are more dogs in this town than
people, let’s call it Dogtown.”  This changed the mood of the meeting and it broke up in good humor.

The next day the group met again with a different attitude, and because of the apparent harmony, came quickly to a unanimous agreement to name the town- CONCORD.*

As told by James David Frye to his cousin, Catherine Leach*
Dictionary Definition – CONCORD (n)  a state of agreement: HARMONY.

This except was taken from the book Town of Concord, VT 1781-1976 Then & Now
A Concord Bicentennial Committee Project
Compiled by Leah C. Moyse, Chairman
Committee Members: Lorain Bona, Timothy Carpenter, Raymond Clouatre, Grace Crofton, Mary Descoteaux, Kathleen Fisher.


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