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Mowing Bids

The Town of Concord is now accepting bids for the 2017 mowing season and the 2017 fall clean up.  Please contact Susan LaMadeleine – Selectboard Administrative Assistant at 802-695-1094 ext. 21 or via email at adminasst@conclerk.com, for a list of properties.  Bids are due January 3, 2017 by 2:30pm.



In 1797 the Town voted to construct an academy building at Concord Corners.  Date of construction is unknown.  Rev. Samuel Read Hall’s first session for the training of teachers for the common schools in this building was on March 11, 1823, called Columbian School.  In the 1823 fall term the name was changed to Concord Academy, and in 1825, by an act of Legislature, it was made Essex County Grammar School, so as to be eligible to receive rents from the grammar school lands in Concord.

Among distinguished guests in Concord on August 15, 1923, attending the celebration of the 100th anniversary of the founding of the first normal school in America, were Dr. Crosby Perry who had attended Dr. Hall’s school, and his daughter Miss Grace Perry.  Miss Perry made the drawing of the town-story brick school house from a description furnished by her father.

This except was taken from the book Town of Concord, VT 1781-1976 Then & Now
A Concord Bicentennial Committee Project
Compiled by Leah C. Moyse, Chairman
Committee Members: Lorain Bona, Timothy Carpenter, Raymond Clouatre, Grace Crofton, Mary Descoteaux, Kathleen Fisher.


The tax bill due date is November 21, 2016
Total Residential Rate: $2.2860
Total Non-Residential Rate: $2.1334


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