Board of Appeals

The Board of Appeals hears appeals from taxpayers who are still unhappy after receiving a determination form the listers in their grievance.  A taxpayer may not skip the grievance process and go right to the board for an appeal.

An appeal from the listers to the board begins with a written appeal from the taxpayer, filed with the town clerk, listing the grounds for the appeal.  This appeal must be filed within 14 days of the date of mailing of the result of grievance notice.

The Board of Appeals is made up of the five Selectboard members, five Justices of the Peace and the Town Clerk.

Members are:

Linda Blakslee
Janet Farrow
Audra Girouard
Nancy Goodwin
Karl Goulding
Arlene Hovey
Bill Humphrey
Harold Lunnie
George Morehouse
Michael Sorrell
Roger Wood